TIME magazine rewards Finnish design innovation by Tablebed, a new type of Scandinavian furniture, which transforms from table to bed in 10 seconds.

The Luxembourg influence is very present there. Encouraged by the vision of its investors based in Luxembourg ; Giacomo Trenz, Lucien Douwes and Matias Mäenpää.

Tablebed, invention of Finnish design, received a special mention in the list of the best TIME 2021 inventions. Something to be interested in this innovative Scandinavian furniture : A convertible for all living spaces.

« Our first shipment to the United States is about to leave Europe; We could not therefore have asked for better timing for this recognition from TIME. A big thank you to the TIME jury for seeing the ingenuity of Tablebed! The future standard will be flexible spaces in both private homes and hotels. Versatile, space-saving furniture like Tablebed, which can easily help transform a dining room into a bedroom is ideal for metropolises like New York, London or Tokyo », said Lucien Douwes, Co-founder of Nordic Design Shop in Luxembourg.

Tablebed : une des meilleures inventions 2021 selon Time Magazine

Nordic well-being, at home

Imagine coming home, smelling the smell of solid wood, hearing the fire crackling. You already feel the Nordic well-being. Its large spaces and this feeling of cocooning. It’s hard to describe this feeling of calm. Even more to transcribe it into its interior. Especially without making any concessions on quality.

Trust the Scandinavians themselves to bring you that peace of mind. They know these massive, natural materials. They bring their inimitable craftsmanship to it. The Nordic spirit permeates these objects.

The creators of Nordic Design Shop want to share this feeling of comfort, optimization of space, and durability. Their ambition? To offer responsible objects and furniture, built on a solid base of values, and designed to last from generation to generation.

So don’t make any concessions : Neither on quality nor on functionality. They keep only the best of Finnish craftsmanship to bring it into your home.

Discover the story of Tablebed and let yourself be seduced by the Nordic spirit on their site : www.nordicdesignshop.lu