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What is TABLEBED ?
With the innovative patented mechanism, multi-functional and space-saving furniture TABLEBED can easily be transformed from a table into a bed and vice versa. TABLEBED is a smart solution, when you want to use the square meters efficiently, whether it’s at your home, summer house, office, or hotel.
What is TABLEBED made off ?
The surface of TABLEBED is either painted white or in other finishings a high-pressure laminate. The frame is made of MDF with a honeycomb structure. The materials of the bedframe are birch-plywood and pine. The small wheels in the outer corners are made from polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber. The material of the lock is chromium-plated zinc.
Where is TABLEBED made ?
TABLEBED is designed in Finland and made in Lithuania and Poland.
Is it difficult to transform TABLEBED from a table into a bed and vice versa ?
TABLEBED has innovative hinges and gas springs that enable the opening and closing of a safe and light transformation. With the lifting straps of TABLEBED, you can control the movement. Remember to take a wide and stable grip of the straps. In addition to the straps and gas strings, TABLEBED has small wheels in the corners – making the move from the table to bed a smooth experience.
Does the linen fit in TABLEBED when it is in the table mode ?
TABLEBED is designed to store the bedding while furniture is used as a table. However, it is relevant to understand that the thickness of beddings and pillows variate relatively, which is why we can not guarantee that TABLEBED can store all your bedding.
What if I spill something on the table ? Do the mattresses get damaged ?
TABLEBED has a waterproof sealing strip that keeps the bed dry even if something is spilled on the table.
What does the 36 month warranty include ?
TABLEBED is made of high-quality materials. However, if a manufacturing defect in the mechanical parts is recognized within 36 months of the purchase, a repair, replacement, or other compensation is guaranteed. The warranty does not cover stains, discoloration, or scratches due to normal wear and tear. Damages caused by misuse, accidents, negligence, abuse, or alteration of the product by the end customer, is explicitly excluded from this warranty and will not be refunded.
Where can I see TABLEBED ?
You can see TABLEBED in our showroom.


As multi-functional furniture with several moving parts, how safe TABLEBED is ?
TABLEBED is safe to use as long as the user & safety instructions are followed. The gas springs ensure a safe transform from the table into the bed. Below the surface of the table is located a durable lock that keeps the table stable when in use. TABLEBED is not meant to keep opened halfway. Make sure there are no small children and/or pets near, under, or on the table or bed, when opening and closing the Tablebed.
How does TABLEBED handle moisture and cold ?
TABLEBED is meant for indoor use in a dry environment. Outdoor usage may result in damages to the material.
Is TABLEBED suitable to be used on different floor materials ?
TABLEBED has small rubber wheels in the outer corner to transform a table into a bed and vice versa a smooth experience. If the floor material is sensitive to wear and tear, we recommend using a (thin) rug under TABLEBED. A rug can also be used to protect the edges of TABLEBED from wear and tear.
How to clean the surface of TABLEBED ?
Use only mild detergents and/or a moist cloth on TABLEBED. Do not use any cleaner that is abrasive, or which contains chlorine bleach. Do not use sharp steel wool or nylon scrubbing pads.
How to clean the sealing strip ?
Our waterproof sealing strip can be cleaned with a moist cloth when it is still attached to furniture. If wanted, the strip can also be easily de-attached from TABLEBED and washed under the water.


Can I assemble TABLEBED myself ?
Yes, you can assemble TABLEBED yourself. Before starting assembly, carefully read the operating and safety instructions and the construction manual. Safe assembly always requires at least 2 people. Do not use the product until successful assembly.   If you have any assembly problems, you can contact us to find a solution to the problem.   E-mail : Phone : +352 621 782 758
Can I order assembly by a professional ?
If you really don’t think you can assembly it, you can let us know. Please note that there will be an additional charge for the assembly service. To benefit from the assembly carried out by a professional, please contact us.
Is it possible to disassemble TABLEBED ?
Yes. When disassembling TABLEBED, proceed in the reverse order of the assembly instructions. Safe disassembly requires always at least 2 persons.


Can I buy TABLEBED without a mattress ?
Yes, you can. Please contact us for further information.
Can I have a custom-made TABLEBED ?
Are you looking for TABLEBED that is not in our current selection? Contact us and let’s talk about how we could make your dream TABLEBED true. E-mail : Phone : +352 621 782 758
What countries do you deliver to ?
We regularly deliver to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France. Please contact us if you are not from those countries and we will make sure you can have your own Tablebed.
Can I have home delivery ?
Yes. The product is always shipped to your home.