The idea came to me when we moved into our very first home on the Swedish West Coast. Linda Brattlöf, founder of Garden Glory, explains how Garden Glory was born.

To see the house was to love it. Charming and welcoming, it had a lovely patio and a beautiful garden. A wonderful outdoor environment where we could see ourselves surrounded by the warmth of friends and family.

But then I spotted it – that drab green garden hose, with its orange connectors and rusty wall bracket that just screamed “Ugly!” Ugly! Ugly! ”It pulled me out of my reverie.

We decided to buy the house on one condition: the garden hose had to find a new home. My advice: in the trash… I started buying a new hose.

I looked everywhere for a thinner one – with a white tube, perhaps, which I thought would be perfect for the home.
And everywhere it was the same sad story: green, green, green and orange, and giant ugly wall brackets.

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Garden Glory founder Linda Brattlöf.

But I just couldn’t give up on the idea of a white garden hose. I really wanted one. So I dug deeper and found – to my surprise – that sleek garden hoses just didn’t exist. How come no one did them?

Especially since judging from the blogs and garden forums, there was a huge demand.

So I decided to do it myself. I now had a mission: to design luxurious alternative garden devices. And Garden Glory was born.
Why settle for the ordinary ?