Installing a jacuzzi in your home is a life project and an investment. Especially if you want to choose a jacuzzi that will accompany you for many years. But what are the benefits of having a hot tub in your home ?

The benefits of hydrotherapy thanks to the jacuzzi

Immersed in a hot water bath, floating in weightlessness, massaged by jets of water and air… We have all experienced these sensations in a jacuzzi or a whirlpool pool. But how does it work?

During your massage sessions in a jacuzzi, the nozzles that project air and water improve blood and lymphatic circulation and will promote the drainage of liquids and toxins as well as the oxygenation of our tissues. The water pressure massages coupled with precise temperature control create a complete experience of muscle relaxation and take you into a state of complete relaxation. Your body then begins to release hormones like dopamine and serotonin which are considered happiness hormones. These hormones reduce your level of stress, anxiety and your risk of depression. The whirlpool spa is a wonderful therapeutic tool to deeply cleanse and soothe the body.

Letting go, well-being and relaxation are guaranteed every day with a private jacuzzi.

Finally, the jacuzzi plays an important role in soothing pain such as osteoarthritis or back pain.

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A few points of vigilance should however be kept in mind: The heat causes vasodilation of the capillaries, the jacuzzi is therefore contraindicated for people with venous and capillary fragility as well as for hypotensive and epileptic people. The sessions should not be too long, and it is generally advisable not to exceed baths of more than 20 minutes.

Unique and shared moments of life with a jacuzzi at home

Your jacuzzi is a creator of shared moments of life. Most hot tubs have a capacity of 4 to 8 people. These Jacuzzis are therefore suitable for intimate moments as a couple, or shared with family or friends. Your whirlpool spa accompanies you throughout your life and must adapt to all configurations. Consider the different uses you want of your jacuzzi throughout the year and with your loved ones.

Unique and shared moments of life - Jacuzzi in Luxembourg - Nordic Design Shop

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If you have children, avoid fixed places and molded places, intended only for use as a massage spa and not as a booster pool. The distribution of the massage nozzles and the layout of the jacuzzi should be studied when choosing the whirlpool spa. Make sure everyone enjoys those moments of relaxation in the hot tub. Be careful to include protection for the times when you are not using your jacuzzi. As much for the energy aspect as to avoid intrusions and ensure the safety of children.

Some jacuzzis are only installed above ground, while others can be buried. Take this aspect into account depending on the ease of access you need in your hot tub and the integration into your garden.

An investment for your real estate project

The purchase of a jacuzzi should be seen as an investment (both financial and for your health and well-being). Indeed a jacuzzi with a worked design and guaranteed quality, will add a cachet to your exterior. It adds value at the time of resale. Choose a superior quality of jacuzzi to enjoy it for years and to be able to value it when reselling it in an identical state to the origin. Your hot tub must be chosen with the same attention as the choice of your kitchen or bathroom equipment. It adds a certain “Wow” effect when reselling your property, only if it is chosen with care and ages well over the years.

Your garden or your terrace are an integral part of your property. A thoughtful and qualified investment will not cause you to lose money. On the contrary, it can be differentiating at the time of resale.

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